About Company

Vaastushastra.com website is operated & managed by Ady Corp. New York, USA. Ady Corp. has been in business since 1998. We work hard and make sincere efforts to please and satisfy our customers.

We do sincere diligence before we make recommendations to our Vaastu clients in order for them to receive utmost benefits of environment and natural forces in order to live a balanced life.

We combine knowledge and practicality as required tools for delivering the best. We follow Vedic culture. Balancing of energies between individual and his or her surrounding through directions is all there is to it.

Our Vaastu consultant is certificate holder  from Prestigious Disha Institute of Vaastu- New-Delhi, India.

Thru our Vaastu recommendations and guidance, we help our customers to enable them to lead a peaceful life by creating congenial living conditions.

We also have several highly experienced and professional Vastu experts who work with us as our affiliates and help us in executing vastu orders


  • International Vastu Association-Jodhpur, India.
  • International Vastu Academy-Jaipur, India.
  • International Society for Astrological Research, Inc.
    California. USA

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