Why Consult for Vaastu

The need for Vaastu consulting arises mostly whenever followings conditions are prevailing:

  • Tired & sick with no peace of mind
  • Disappointed & depressed and in bad health
  • Though very qualified & smart but no success!
  • Business slow or stagnant
  • Lack of harmony with wife or husband & children
  • Disagreements with business partners
  • You work very hard but no rewards coming to you!
  • Marriage made in heaven falling part beyond your belief!
  • Children behaving improperly without any reason

Principles of Vaastu are same since thousands of years, even if Architecture science may have modernized! Vaastushastra is an ancient Indian Architectural & Structural Science to reach a harmonious state with yourself and surroundings near you, like directions, geography, environment and physics. Synchronization of all Vaastu elements brings happiness, prosperity and peace of mind!

Vaastu/Vastu for residence or business

Vaastu/Vastu of your residence or business place if defective or wrong can be corrected with proper interior or may be some exterior Vaastu modifications without major structural demolitions or big expensive renovations!

One may not see a great miracles due to Vaastu remedies, but it may give you overall benefits!Vaastu/Vastu help is always welcome if :

  • You are thinking of buying a home or business
  • To increase overall financial strength
  • Make changes in Career
  • Buying a new plot of land
  • Whenever there are marriage or health problems


Vaastushastra Science Of Direction