Vaastu Tips, decors etc.

Vaastushastra is a science of direction and it is also inherent energy concept of science. We can only feel the energy and can not see it with our naked eyes. Vaastu tips for home and office are given below, please read & follow without any demolitions or structural changes in the residence or office or factory or shop. It is scientific study of directions which creates equilibrium by balancing between different elements of nature like earth, water, air sun & sky.

Examples of structures & buildings made as per Vaastu principles are many like Taj Mahal, Temple of Venkateshawara in Tirupati, Sri Ram Temple in Bhadrachlam in Andhra and Sravana Belgoda in Karnataka etc.

Just like citizens of country are governed by rules, regulations and laws, Mother Nature Has also got certain guidelines and principles for human lives. Thus Vaastushastr is nature law.

Today, we hear about ecology, pollution nature etc. in large and small meetings seminars and conferences. Our ancestors and saints knew the benefits of living in harmony with Nature and that’s where Vaastushastra comes in to the picture. 

  1. It is highly recommended per vaastushastra to place a small water fountain at the corner in northeast direction of the residence
  2. Whether premises are under construction or already built, vaastushastra recommends more exposed/open space in east and northern directions
  3. There should be cross ventilation and proper sunlight.
  4. There should not be any large trees or objects
  5. Pictures or photos depicting violence in any form should not be placed in the residence or place of business
  6. Avoid having doors or windows in southwest side
  7. Ceilings of the room should have four corners not five
  8. Avoid bed under beam
  9. Doors should open should open inside not outside
  10. There should not be any cactus in the house or place of business
  11. The slope of the property should be from west to east or south to north
  12. Maximum construction should be done in south, west and southwest part of the plot

Vaastushastra Science Of Direction